Your life is a journey and my goal is to encourage personal growth and understanding through yoga instruction.

I believe chemistry is both the source of magnetic attraction and the cause of fear. The time spent in this circle of life should be one of adventure, curiosity, exploration and evolution. It is here that I pose as the mindful wanderer, a traveling gnome on a personal journey in search of the unknown. A fearless woman, wild but gentle, adventurous yet mellow. I thrive on activities layered with dimension, especially those tied to the outdoors. Perhaps I could define myself as a rhapsody full of unusually intense improvisation...the music created, being the story I live and the air that I breathe. Challenge me and my garden will flourish. Warning: I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

hot yogaIrina spent her earliest years in Japan and Sweden, eventually growing up in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York.  She made her way south to Virginia and North Carolina, before choosing to make her home on the Central Coast of California a few years ago.

While on the east coast exploring her passions in Hatha, Ashtanga and Bikram yoga styles, Irina completed her 200-hr CYT at the North Carolina School of Yoga   Soon after, she further completed a yoga teacher training certification in children’s and teen yoga, inspired by her own children’s curiosity to learn and understand the 8 limbs of yoga!

Irina is fluent in English and conversant in Swedish.

When she is not infusing her students with love and compassion, she enjoys shooting archery, family gardening, discovering old books and exploring the west coast with her husband, two children and their high energy dogs.